Australia Council application support material

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1,2. MONUMENTAL (working title): A new version for AGNSW, and tourable process model (2 showreels x 1:00 each)
3. Out of Iso 2020: example of previous work similar to Sound Body platform (1:16). Also includes first WIP showing of Coil… later premiered and ready to tour:
4. Coil by re:group: touring July-Aug 2023, also example of previous work by artists in UFO & Auto Tune (0:35)
5. The Risk of Hyperbole by Jack Prest: touring 2024, also example of previous work by Discovery Engine artist (3:28)
6. CMI (A Certain Maritime Incident) by version 1.0: 20th anniversary revival season (5:20)

10 images: poster & production photos, CMI (A Certain Maritime Incident)
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