Time Machine Test Tones | Jack Prest

Abstract thought can anticipate by centuries hypotheses that find a use – or confirmation – in scientific inquiry.” – Carlo Ravelli, The Order of Time.

Time Machine Test Tones is a metaphysical odyssey through spacetime. Conceived by sound engineer and composer Jack Prest it postulates phase cancellation as a new method for spacetime travel. This pioneering venture employs a combination of experimental electronic music and video synthesis to create test patterns or tones that seek to phase cancel spacetime itself.

Test Tones is experienced as an improvised performance of electronic, drone and ambient music by Jack, created through an experimental system comprised of a computer, audio effects units, live microphone feedback loops, trumpet and voice. Jack simultaneously performs improvised projection mapped visuals, powered by video synthesis. The performance takes place within a minimalist art-installation created in collaboration with scenographer Elia Bosshard. Together these elements form an unkown vessel, one that you enter with your mind. It aims to create an experience akin to deep meditation or psychedelic awakenings. Clear your mind of terrestrial thoughts and embark on a multi-sensory adventure.