The Risk of Hyperbole

Music, dance and visual art oscillate and converge in The Risk Of Hyperbole, the debut interdisciplinary performance work by composer/director Jack Prest. Created in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Azzam Mohamed and visual artists Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, Hyperbole is at once a music recital, dance performance and art exhibition.

In taking the lead role Prest breaks the status quo of performance using the score to drive the work, setting the pace, the tone and defining the structure. Written in collaboration with some of Australia’s top contemporary and classical musicians, the score combines techno, hip-hop, ambient, experimental electronic and neo classical styles, into a progressive sonic vision.

Wilson and Collier present a series of artworks, refashioned from vintage camping tents and emblazoned with hand printed symbols that celebrate sound, object and movement. These artworks are installed live on-stage in an alternate form of set building that transforms process into performance. This literally sets the stage for Mohamed who brings the excitement of street dance and the dynamics of freestyle into a contemporary choreographic context.

The performance features a live music ensemble with Claire Edwardes, Jason Noble and Benjamin Freeman joining Prest, Mohamed, Wilson and Collier live on stage.

This is a new performance work commission by Phoenix Central Park and represents a bold new step for the venue as it continues to establish itself as a home for progressive work across all performance art forms.