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SKIN is a dark nightmare of monstrous sensuality. This highly physical and visual production explores the chaos of young adulthood within a fantastic & surreal framework, incorporating theatre, dance and prosthetic technology.

SKIN deals with attraction, romance and excitement, but also the shame and humiliation of social interaction. Seeking comfort from an alienating suburbia, the peer group frequent a bush hangout. Sexual experimentation, drugs and risk salve physical difference, hiding what you are, and feeling like a monster.

SKIN shifts in and out of reality, with a hypnotic sound design immersing the audience in a trippy experience. Using special effects prosthetics designed by Erth, the performers explore stigmatization within a sci-fi aesthetic. 12 custom made moving LED strips robotically move in sync, intersecting the space to create surreal dreamlike environments.

SKIN invites the audience to imagine the experience of the outsider, and to connect with those feelings and memories in all of us.

Production Notes

To premiere late 2018, available for touring in 2019 and beyond.


The development of SKIN has been supported by the Australian Government through the Major Festivals Initiative and the Australia Council for the Arts, and by City of Sydney. Branch Nebula is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, and by the NSW Government through Create NSW.


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Photography Credits

Photography by Heidrun Löhr.