Out of Iso

Four weekends of new live performance together for a distanced world

New normal, back to normal, no normal. We’ve flattened the curve, we’ve counted the cases dropping, we’ve masked and swabbed and sanitised, through a long winter of iso. How we’ve missed the heady and sweaty and joyous euphoria of live performance!

What have Sydney’s artists been thinking and doing and making in these strange times? Come out of iso, and be a part of it, in these four weekends of new live performance for a distanced world.

Next Level, A New Realm of Hip Hop | curated by Nick Power | 8pm 29 – 31 Oct
A night of short, experimental works featuring some of the most exciting talent from the Sydney street dance community. Come check the styles as they take hip hop into a new realm. 

Artists: Jamie “Jahziisoul” Kha, Anastasios “Taz” Repousi, Patrick “Sweaty P” Huynh, Gabriela Quinsacara & William Mak, KAZ (Karen Otero), Feras Shaheen and Dechen Gendun, Adam Warburton, Molonai Makalio, Azzam Mohamed and Ahmed Kamal , and featuring DIOLA on the decks throughout the night.

O.A.SiS | curated by Troppo Galaktika’s  Latai Taumoepeau |8pm 12 – 14 Nov
O.A.SiS is a moment of collective relief. O.A.SiS is an acknowledgment of the generations of women that hold us in hard times. O.A.SIS is a collective exhale with local artists in Redfern. O.A.SIS is a reflection back to the wisdom of original ancestors. 

Join us for an evening of performance in radical restoration!

Artists: Aunty Rhonda Dixon-Grovenor (Welcome to Country), Aunty Marlene Cummins, TropBBQ: Salote Tawale, Noica Omeru and Samia Sayed, Sarabi, Claudia Nicholson, Latai Taumoepeau & Brian Fuata, Māra Māyā Dēvi and Radio Skid Row: Sister Agnes, DJ Alatafari, Baby Muva Beats and SO Raymond.


107 = The Angel Number, Wings of Desire & Waylaid Works | curated by Malcolm Whittaker, for PACT Centre for Emerging Artists | 8pm 26 – 28 Nov
From 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville, around a few corners to 107 Redfern Street, Redfern, PACT presents a divinity of emerging artists with projects that have been waylaid, compromised and inspired by time in isolation. We have all been in this together, as they say, so now let’s re-emerge together with the next generation of Australian culture makers.

Artists: re:group performance collective, Gabrielle Chantiri, Jay Gardener, Lost All Sorts Collective, the 2008 ImPACT Ensemble and DJ Seduna. Ceremonial prelude at PACT led by artists Nicole Pingon and Lucy Wylie (Lu Cid), featuring Clare Hennessy, Brianna McCarthy and Eliza Scott.

* Convene at PACT at 6pm for a ceremonial prelude to ‘de-weed the isolation’, and then make your way to 107 for the rest of the event from 7pm.

Naked Streets Dirty Sounds | curated by Branch Nebula | 8pm 10 – 12 Dec
Wildly unpredictable and eclectic art, performance and noise meet street styles converging in the nooks and crannies of 107; with Lucy Cliché’s pumping teckno underpinning this celebration of emerging out of the dark, into the light.

Branch Nebula’s team come crashing in with the speed of skating and parkour overrunning the gallery, infectious dance claiming the footpath, broken stilt movement bursting forth from the elevator, and a shredder sound installation.

Artists: Skaters Josh Bell & Sari Simpson, parkourist Antek Marciniec, skater/composer Tristan Still, choreographers Marnie Palomares, Melanie Palomares & Kathryn Puie, noise artist Hirofumi Uchino, sound artist Phil Downing, performance artists Cheryn Frost & John Baylis, DJ Lucy Cliché.