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Ten years of life, love and bowel movements, in one conversation.

Ich Nibber Dibber maps the lives and practices of three women coming of age in the 21st Century. A single conversation spanning a decade of friendship, bowel movements, birthing moans and tongue piercings.

About Ich Nibber Dibber

By Australian collaborative performance ensemble post, and lying somewhere between drama, comedy and political commentary Ich Nibber Dibber looks at what it means to be a woman, an artist, and the way we make sense of the world in conversation with those nearest to us.

Ich Nibber Dibber is a script taken from real recorded conversations over ten years. In rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, theatres & lounge rooms, Mish, Nat & Zoe have used cameras & voice recorders to devise all of their shows.

In the midst of the creative process, they often go off topic – real life events become enmeshed with their characters, current events are unpacked and repacked, and friendship is infected with the topics they are researching. This piece is a daisy chain of texts from these tangential musings.


“The performers’ easy familiarity with each other carries with it cadences, hesitations, interruptions and overlaps that yield a satisfying rhythm and underpin the trio’s shared sense of the absurd…

Ich Nibber Dibber is pointed fun because it unleashes the kind of everyday talk about the female body rarely heard in the theatre, the performance’s opening image making the point with a grandiose bluntness and music to match. From out of the dark appear three idealised figures swathed in white silk, suspended in space: Baroque angels minus the wings, until they open their mouths. SHIT commenced with a “fuck” litany, here it’s “poo” and vomit. The challenges of height, weight, an eating disorder and pregnancy vividly unfold across the show, rapidly de-idealising the body…

Ich Nibber Dibber is great fun, raw, sharply observant and culturally incisive, in that singular post way.” Keith Gallasch, Realtime

“Ich Nibber Dibber is a light and joyful piece of contemporary theatre whose voice is unmistakably Australian…”
Christina Donoghue, Theatre Now & Talking Arts

Production History

Premiered in Sydney Festival at Campbelltown Arts Centre, January 19 – 28, 2017

APAM Showcase, 22 February 2018

Sydney Opera House Unwrapped season, 15 – 19 August 2018

Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, 5 – 23 September 2018

Production Notes

Duration: 70 minutes.

Touring team: 4

Suits medium sized studio or proscenium theatre, ideally with minimum 8m x 8m stage.

Set comprises 3 custom built seats on 2m high steel poles and baseplates, and black carpet.

Photography Credits

Photography by Document Photography