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About Final Visions

In 2017 Field Theory undertook their second stage development of Final Visons. This performance installation took the form of a survival bunker in the exhibition Greater Together at ACCA. Prepped for an apocalypse, throughout the exhibition the bunker sheltered diverse specialist clubs and associations who advised us on how prepare for an apocalyptic scenario.

Field Theory will bunker down in a Melbourne Theatre to produce a performance in collaboration with members of the prepping community. Using a reflexive documentary style Field Theory will be forced to confront their inadequacies, overcome great hardships and ultimately prevail in a ‘new world’.

Together with an audience, Field Theory will physically and emotionally attempt to address our survivalist in(adequacies). A talk show tone will be undercut by the ritual of speculative preparation drills, each one preparing for a an unknown event. Field Theory will test their limits, asking, when the moment comes – can we survive?

The work will be developed and performed by Field Theory in collaboration with a curated team of representatives from multiple social and special interest clubs.

Final Visions is building on a curatorial and conceptual model illustrated by previous Field Theory works; Exposition, The Stadium Broadcast and 9000 Minutes. In each of these projects Field Theory facilitated a diverse collection of individuals with distinct voices, and worked with them to create a highly original, boundary pushing performances.


About Field Theory

Field Theory is a collective of Australian artists committed to making and supporting projects that cross disciplines, shift contexts and seek new strategies for engaging with the public sphere. Their work is a combination of making, performing, curating and producing that responds to the unique conditions of specific times, places and communities. Recent projects include The Stadium Broadcast, a three-day non-stop eulogy to the history of the Lancaster Park stadium, 9000 Minutes a six-day live durational broadcast from Queen Victoria Market and Kids Vs Art a podcast series where children discuss and critique contemporary art.

Production Notes

Creative Development June 2018 (funded by CAIAF and Australia Council for the Arts), seeking partners for final production funding 2019.


Photography Credits

Photography by Bryony Jackson