Echo Mapping | Azzam Mohamed and Jack Prest

Echo Mapping is a multi-art duet by electronic musician/composer Jack Prest and street dancer/choreographer Azzam Mohamed. Raw creativity and unpretentious process are the backbone of Echo Mapping. The work is stripped back to the simplest elements, no sets, no costumes and minimal production. The sole focus is on the sound and movement.

Echo Mapping embodies an interplay of music and dance. Jack performs the music, moving from transcendent textures to thundering beats, live on stage. Azzam performs with both voice and body. Singing traditional Sudanese melodies while maintaining a commanding stillness.  He builds with sporadic vocalisations and fluid yet intense choreography. His vocalisations are recorded and manipulated by Prest, becoming a part of the sonic atmosphere.

Echo Mapping is about knowing when to listen, when to respond, when to lead, when to follow, when to claim space, when to yield it and most importantly when to share it. This process draws inspiration from club culture, in which the music serves as catalyst for the dancers. In turn, the DJ adapts the music, responding to the energy on the dancefloor. Echo Mapping goes deeper with these dynamic exchanges, substituting the DJ for composer and party dance for choreography.