Demo | Branch Nebula

Branch Nebula’s street-style shows have wowed audiences around Australia and the world, from Whyalla to Wagga Wagga (Helpmann-winning Snake Sessions), Sydney Festival to Santiago (Concrete & Bone Sessions), from skateparks to the Sydney Opera House, Helsinki to Hong Kong.

Branch Nebula draws on 14 years of developing their unique street style choreography to deliver a major new full-length show for medium to large theatres. Additionally, the show is designed to be unpacked for a variety of outdoor contexts: a compact half hour for plazas and public spaces that can be transformed with the installation of ramps.

The skatepark drops into the theatre, with ramps launching bikes high into the air and bodies in motion drawing lines and impossible arcs, BMXers, skaters, dancers and parkourists pierce the space leaving visual traces in their wake.

With freakish skills and the danger level amped up, the speed of wheels vs. the vulnerability of bodies on foot, DEMO is tightly choreographed within a compact set up of portable ramps.

We are seeking development partners for DEMO, for 2019-20.