CRUSH | Branch Nebula

Part DIY shed, part Medieval research centre, part obsessive Bunnings shopping spree, CRUSH blows up the boundaries of the physical body and mind.

Helpmann Award winning Australian company Branch Nebula (High Performance Packing Tape, Concrete & Bone Sessions, Paradise City) artists Lee Wilson, Mirabelle Wouters, Mickie Quick and Phil Downing have been in the lab, fixated on phenomena like pressure, vacuum, gravity, magnetism – and slimy, gloopy stuff.

Asking questions and testing limits. How much force does it take to lift you between two panes of glass? Can you stand on the end of a bunch of flexi conduit and walk on masses of them rolling on the floor? How would you breathe inside a plastic bag with all the air sucked out of it?

With mind-blowing experiments and jaw dropping phenomena. Prepare to be stunned as if you are catapulted across the stage in this gripping new physical performance.

Do not try this at home.