head shot of three women from the artists collective post

Post: Zoe, Mish and Nat.

Post are (in height order) Nat, Zoe and Mish. Straddling live art, theatre and contemporary performance practices, they could be described as ‘hybrid’, but prefer ‘genre-queer’. They’ve risen through the ranks of experimental venues and exploded onto the mainstream without anyone really knowing how. Fast becoming some of Australia’s top theatre makers, they are part of a new generation with new rules. They take being silly very seriously, and have a deep and true commitment to innovation that doesn’t alienate audiences or get boring.

Their work “Pokes at the dead remains of dramatic performance with a very big stick that is itself hugely entertaining” (John Bailey, REALTIME)

Continually invigorated by collaboration, they ascribe to the theory that one plus one equals three. Post believe in the possibilities of process and practice outside of existing hierarchical forms of theatre production. No one person has all of the answers. Originally a core group (Nat, Mish, Zoe), since 2008 post have expanded to include a pool of collaborators from a wide range of disciplines. (eg James Brown, Eden Falk, Emma Saunders, Anne Louise Sarks).

Post carry a deep irreverence for the institution of theatre and a deep reverence for the magic moment of live performance it houses. This has amused, bemused and probably annoyed audiences around the country for the last decade. With a growing international presence, Post are receiving attention for their unique combination of political sensibility and high camp kitsch aesthetic. post’s work is concerned with live connection, the truly absurd, drag, impostors, impressions, bad acting, boy genii, The Biggest Loser, birth, death, auditions, shamans, epitaphs, avatars, and those nightmares where you have to give a speech but haven’t got any pants on.

Last year they premiered ‘Ich Nibber Dibber’ at Sydney Festival, and that show is touring to Melbourne’s Malthouse in September. Their other works include Who’s The Best?, Everything I Know About The Global Financial Crisis In One Hour, Come On Ladies, Shamelessly Glitzy Work, Swimming Home In Heels, Gifted and Talented, Untitled Endurance Performance, Unicorn Dreaming (Do I Look Like A Slut?), Under 12s Competitor #286 and Idle Hands Wake Up With Fleas.

“POST refuse to define their own genre, which blends installation, dance, monologue and magic… Keep an eye on post, as we haven’t seen the best of them yet.” 


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