About Us

Intimate Spectacle

Intimate Spectacle is an independent performing arts producing company based in Sydney, Australia, founded by Harley Stumm. We work across genres, from contemporary theatre and dance theatre to live art, interactive performance, and events in between “the arts” and popular culture.

We’re interested in work that’s engaging, surprising, perhaps playful, but with substance, and full of heart. We see “contemporary” arts practice not as intimidating or difficult, but simply as art that speaks for and to the times we live in. Great performance connects artists and audiences through memorable, transformative shared experiences. For us this usually involves inviting the audience into some kind of relationship beyond passive spectatorship – perhaps animating the spaces, physical or virtual, in which we live, work or play.

We are building a producing model that’s flexible, responsive yet proactive, and artist-focused. And that works reciprocally, that’s about exchange and sharing as much as gigs and touring, whether it’s working internationally, regionally or anywhere in between.

What We Do

We work with a number of small companies and independent artists, in different capacities tailored to the needs of the artist. Services we offer include:

  • Producing new work, either on a consulting basis for artists with their own company infrastructure, through to full service producing where we provide financial management, payroll, project administration and contracting;
  • Tour producing, including all aspects of delivery such as bud­get & financial man­age­ment, pre-production, con­tracting, freight travel and pro­duc­tion man­age­ment, venue liai­son, mar­ket­ing nego­ti­a­tions, and tour management, nationally and internationally;
  • Tour development on a consulting basis, for companies who wish to seek outside expertise to set up  the tour, but prefer to manage their own touring, nationally and internationally;
  • Specific arts management consulting, for example for strategic planning, project planning, funding applications, and partnership development.

Our extensive network of relationships with a wide range of artists across artforms and throughout Australia, also equips us to assist presenters with programming, from conventional touring presentation through to  new work projects.

We can work with you to broker and design partnership projects as residencies, commissions, and other collaborations with artists, including those featured on this site and others suited to your context.

Our Producers

Executive Producer, Harley Stumm, has worked in performing arts producing since 1994. Prior to establishing the company Intimate Spectacle, he undertook  the National Touring Framework project for the Australia Council, a major research consultancy with colleague Rick Heath, mapping the existing touring landscape, and proposing a series of significant reforms and development goals. Many of these have already been implemented by the Australia Council, the Federal Arts Minister, and industry bodies.

He was Producer at Performing Lines 2005-11, managing the Mobile States contemporary touring program, and producing 15 national tours by artists such as Splintergroup, Tanja Liedtke, Branch Nebula, Chamber Made, version 1.0, James Saunders, Fleur Elise Noble, Rosie Dennis, Dancenorth, and Marrugeku. These included ground-breaking new touring models, such as the multi-event cluster of works including full-length, short, durational and installation works; and the engagement residency tour of Back to Back Theatre’s The Democratic Set touring twelve centres from major capital cities, to regional and remote centres from Goolwa to Tennent Creek.

He also produced several major new works, including Tanja Liedtke’s Twelfth Floor, version 1.0’s The Wages of Spin, and commissions by major festivals (Erth’s The Nargun and the Stars), and Sydney Opera House (Branch Nebula’s Paradise City, which also toured Brazil’s major dance festivals), and the German-Australian co-production Food Chain (Gavin Webber & Grayson Millwood, Sydney Festival 2011, Germany & Austria.)

He was Executive Producer and joint CEO at Sidney Myer Award winning Urban Theatre Projects 1995-2003, producing more than 20 new works, including its breakthrough Adelaide Festival commission The Longest Night (2002), and numerous large-scale site-specific productions. He has also freelanced for various organisations including Performance Space, version 1.0 and Legs on the Wall (Acting General Manager 2004).

He is currently a member of the Helpmann Awards Dance & Physical Theatre Panel, and has been a member of the Arts NSW Theatre Committee, and the Chair of PACT Youth Theatre. Previously, he was a radio producer and journalist for ten years (1984-93), firstly at Brisbane’s iconic public station 4ZZZ-FM, then at the ABC’s Triple J.

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